What is Functional Strength Training and Why Should You Do it?

Functional training

Functional strength training is a type of training that emphasizes the importance of movements that replicate daily tasks, helping you become stronger and more coordinated in everyday life. It also focuses on building a body that works as a cohesive unit, rather than targeting isolated muscle groups. Today we’ll discuss why is this type of … Read more

10 Strength Training Classes You Must Try in Boston

Strength Training Classes in Boston

Strength training is a cornerstone of fitness, crucial for building muscle, boosting metabolism, and enhancing overall health. Boston’s vibrant fitness scene offers a plethora of strength training classes catering to various fitness levels and preferences. Class 1: Daily CrossFit WOD at CrossFit Newton Location: CrossFit Newton, 1224 Chestnut Street, Newton, MA 02464 Intensity Level: High … Read more