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dataJanuary 31st, 2010

Mary’s Green Tip of the Week: Traveling Green.

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Hello world and Happy New Year!!!

It’s a brand new year and brand new chance to start making healthier decisions.

2009 was my first year with A Fit Planet and (truthfully) my first year thinking on a daily basis about being more aware of the environment and how I can reduce my carbon footprint. I started blogging about “our” part and simple steps to being more Green. I’ve learned so much and I am excited to keep learning and growing in knowledge and wisdom in this area…and hopefully YOU can too!

I have to admit when it came to travel- all I think about is my carbon footprint in regards to my mileage. But the act of actually “traveling green” are the actions we take as individuals moment by moment- while getting from point A to point B.

Recently, I made the BIG flight over to Australia. A 40+ hours of day of driving, waiting, flying, waiting, flying, scrambling, flying, etc. — 5 plane changes, and long layovers suddenly created a perfect opportunity to watch and notice how “green” or how wasteful we humans are while traveling. It also provided a great challenge to see how “green” I could be while I traveled.

Mary’s Green Tip of the Week: Traveling Green:

– Book flights with airlines that recycle the waste created when serving food and beverages to passengers. I traveled with Air New Zealand and upon entering the airplane, they gave us plastic cups to reuse while on the aircraft. They also announced that they recycle as much as possible. British Airways, has a very strong environmental agenda. Southwest Airlines recycles all cabin waste, and was the first to offer electronic ticketing systemwide.

– Packing. I tend to over pack. I always do! BUT the one thing I’ve started to do is to pack everything I think I need, once that’s complete- I repack the necessities and limit the “frilly” and the “I wants”. A rule of thumb- pack then half it and pack again.

– Most airports have recycling bins- USE THEM! Even if you are in a rush- it doesn’t take much time nor effort to separate what’s trash and what’s recyclable.

– Pack snacks, lunch/dinner ahead of time! That saves YOU a bit of dosh to spend on that thing you’ve always wanted. And chances are- you’ll like what you’ve packed over what any chain restaurant/Hudson’s Book Shop could sell you.

– Everyone loves to buy things at the airport. Well, if you do…I challenge you to read the labels and investigate their environmental claims. Select products with genuine eco-friendly features, such as:

Non-toxic and natural contents
Made from recycled materials
Minimum packaging
Produced locally
Energy- or water-efficient

– Sigg it up. It’s good for you AND for the planet!!

– Public Transportation. Get to know it and support it. Wherever you are, whenever you can.

There you have it, people. This month’s tip on Traveling Green. Have a wonderful day and Happy 2010!!

dataJanuary 27th, 2010

FitPlanet partners with Council for Responsible Sport

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We’ve got some exciting news to share…

FitPlanet has been a strong supporter of the Council for Responsible Sport (CRS) since the industry standards body launched in late 2007. Now we have established a formal partnership with CRS with the mission of providing sporting events a clear roadmap for earning recognition as a sustainable event.

FitPlanet has aligned our Pledge of Sustainability with the CRS standard so event organizers can use the Pledge as a starting point on their journey toward CRS certification.

FitPlanet’s Pledge of Sustainability provides event organizers the opportunity to formally and publicly commit to produce sustainable events by implementing a minimum of 9 out of a possible 26 eco-practices. FitPlanet’s Pledge criteria are now aligned with the 41 credits that comprise the CRS certification standard.

An event pays $100 to take the Pledge, which gives it the right to display the Pledge of Sustainability logo and list their event in the FitPlanet Green Events Directory.

The event organizer has access to the password-protected FitPlanet Resource Center that includes a ‘how-to’ guide, a business directory of green product and service providers, and a 60-minute FitPlanet webcast for greening events produced by Active Network, a FitPlanet partner on the Pledge of Sustainability. In February, FitPlanet is introducing a monthly webinar series for race directors who have taken the Pledge and/or are working toward CRS certification.

“Fit Planet has had a great deal of success in supporting event organizers in their pursuit of attaining CRS Certification,” said Marisa McGilliard, Executive Director of CRS. “Most recently, the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) earned CRS Silver Certification. This included achieving over a thirty-two percent reduction in waste to landfill in just one years’ time under Fit Planet’s direction. To put this percentage into context, the standard decrease in waste to landfill year over year for most events is ten percent.”

From running to snowboarding, cycling to lacrosse, the Council believes that athletes, spectators, and event directors have the opportunity to encourage sports to adopt standards of environmental and social responsibility. The CRS certification standard is the recognized de facto standard for mass participation sporting events in North America. Modeled on the US Green Building Council’s LEED green building certification system, CRS certification is a rigorous process requiring events to earn a minimum of 22 out of a possible 41 credits. To date, 19 events have earned the right to display the prestigious CRS emblem including the Austin Marathon, Baltimore Running Festival, Los Angeles Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon and the Birmingham Half Marathon in England.

The Council for Responsible Sport (“CRS”) is a non-profit organization based in Portland, Oregon, with a mission to establish a new standard in sport. One program of CRS is administering a sustainability certification for mass participation sporting events. The CRS Certification defines a set of credits that empower directors and organizers with a comprehensive framework to incorporate standards of environmental and social responsibility into their event while informing athletes and participants which sports adhere to those standards. Additionally, CRS works in collaboration with a number of partner organizations in creating sustainability plans for individual teams, sports associations, and entire leagues.

FitPlanet Contact: Bruce Rayner at 508-429-0976
CRS Contact: Marisa McGilliard: 503-863-6892

dataJanuary 12th, 2010

FitPlanet helps Marine Corps Marathon earn CRS Silver Certification

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FitPlanet would like to congratulate Race Director Rick Nealis and the entire 2009 Marine Corps Marathon team for earning Silver Certification to the Council for Responsible Sport (CRS) standard. MCM is the largest event to date to achieve this certification level.
FitPlanet worked with the “People’s Marathon” through the planning, implementation and reporting process to ensure the race achieved it’s goal of Silver Certification.
CRS awarded MCM 27 out of a possible 41 credits in five categories: Waste, Climate, Equipment and Materials, Community and Outreach, and Health Promotion.
Congratulations MCM!

dataJanuary 4th, 2010

FitPlanet partners with Live Earth

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Los Angeles, CA-based Live Earth has tapped FitPlanet to help green the first annual Dow Live Earth Run for Water, taking place around the world on April 18, 2010.

The event will be the largest global water initiative in history aimed at solving the world water crisis. The campaign focuses on the sources and impact of the water crisis locally, nationally and internationally and suggests actions individuals can take to effectively address the issue:
– Conserve water
– Host or run/walk a Dow Live Earth 6k race on April 18, 2010
– Give money to provide clean drinking water where the problem is most critical
– Speak up by signing the UN petition making water a basic human right.

Each of the global events include a 6K run/walk and “water village” to help educate and inform participants about the critical water issues many communities around the world face. Many of the events will also include concerts.

The 6K distance represents the average distance many women and children walk every day to secure water.

FitPlanet is supporting Run for Water events in North and South America including Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Minneapolis, New York City, Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, Sau Paulo, and Washington DC.

We encourage you to support the cause. Please click here to find a 6K Run for Water near you.

The campaign will integrate 6K Community Run/Walks (the average distance women and children walk for water in many third world countries) with concerts, online resources, and hands-on interactive experiences in countries across the globe — helping to create a tipping point to combat this crisis.

Athletes, please register for the 6 K run/walk on April 18th nearest you. Every step counts to solve the water crisis.

If there’s no event listed in your community, get involved by throwing your own “Friends of Live Earth” event on April 18th- we already have over 30 “Friends of Live Earth” events registered worldwide.

Here’s some ideas for a local event”
· Host a local run/walk
· Promote the run in schools, get local youth involved
· Show a movie (there are a lot of good ones out there: FLOW, Blue Gold, Tapped Out)
· Organize the clean-up of a local stream or pond
· Develop a local water & sanitation project

Click here for more information. If you have any questions or need more information about this event please e-mail us at: