Welcome to the FitPlanet Green Event Handbook, a practical how-to guide designed to assist you in planning and implementing environmental practices at your event(s). When we make significant additions or changes we will send an email alert to all FitPlanet event organizers on our mailing list.

Our intent is to make the Green Events Handbook a living document that includes contributions from all corners. To this end, we encourage you to submit your ideas, tips and suggestions for green practices that you have successfully implemented so we can share them with the FitPlanet Community at large. Please email your submissions to We will contact you for permission before we incorporate your submission into the Handbook. FitPlanet reserves the right to edit your submissions.

The Green Events Handbook is divided into five chapters (for now):

  1. Waste
    1. Reduce
    2. Reuse
    3. Recycling/Composting
  2. Climate footprint
    1. Reduce
    2. Offset
  3. Equipment & Materials
  4. Communications
  5. Metrics

The first three chapters cover issues that you as an event organizer have significant control over. They correspond to the first three categories in the Council for Responsible Sportcertification standard.

The fourth chapter, Communications, addresses the all important aspect of marketing your green event. Without an effective communications strategy, you are not getting the full value of your green initiatives. The fifth chapter, Metrics, provides a framework and checklist so you can measure performance and track your progress over time.