Use and Resume

Use and reuse is about what happens during the event. It's all about maximizing the useful life of the equipment and materials you've purchased, rented or borrowed, which boils down to taking good care of your 'stuff'. You take the equipment out of storage, transport it to the venue, assemble, disassemble and then place it back in storage. This might occur once or 100 times in the course of the season. Regardless, you need to pay attention to your storage and handling capabilities, with the focus on minimizing wear and tear.

One practical exercise is an inventory audit. Before the season starts, do a thorough audit to document the condition of each piece of equipment. Keep track of damage and loss through the season. Then do another audit at the end of the season. Compare the before and after lists to determine loss rate, degree of damage, and general wear and tear of each piece of equipment. You might observe some patterns that you were not aware of.

For example, you might find excessive sign damage. Trace the cause of the damage. For example, careless handling when collecting the signs off the course might be the cause. Or damage occurs during the transport from point A to point B. You might need to written instructions for the operations crew combined with a pre-event meeting to address the issue.