Equipment and Materials - overview

The category of 'equipment and materials' includes all the non-disposable, non-single-use materials you use and reuse to produce your event. These items include start- and finish-line structures, lighting, generators, signage and banners, tents, barriers and fence sheeting, timing and sound systems, cones, etc. Typically some of these items you own, and others you rent or borrow.

There is a logistics component to equipment and materials. This includes the transport of equipment, materials, and personnel to and from the event, and the vehicles and equipment needed to assemble and disassemble the structures on site. Most event logistics operations have a measurable carbon emissions footprint primarily from vehicles used. The larger the event, the larger the footprint.

The purpose of this chapter is to consider bringing sustainability practices into the lifecycle management of the equipment and materials you need to produce your events. There are four major stages in lifecycle management. These are:

  1. Design consideration of your events
  2. Purchasing philosophy and decisions
  3. Use and reuse of the equipment and materials
  4. Safe disposal of the equipment and materials