By going green you open your event up to a broader set of sponsorship opportunities than you otherwise would have access to. Seek out companies that have an environmentally focused business and whose products and services are "eco-friendly". Here are a few tips for appealing to these sponsors:

  1. Create a special Green Sponsorship category for the event where the Sponsor is credited with "greening the race." FitPlanet works with a set of sponsors that are looking for these opportunities. Contact us for details.
  2. Provide prospective Green Sponsors with detailed information about your environmental practices including information on waste and carbon footprint reductions that you expect to achieve.
  3. For sponsors that have booth space at the expo and/or the event, provide them with guidelines for what you expect of them in the way of managing their space. Especially food and beverage vendors who are distributing bottles, cups, plates and utensils. Require them to bring their own recycling (or compost) bin and to post a sign at their booth with instructions for the appropriate disposal for the materials they hand out. Click here for a draft of a letter you might want to customize for your event.