Athletes and Spectators

Communications with athletes starts before registration and continues through to post-event communications. Communication with spectators is typically only on the day of the event. Here is a list of ideas to consider for athletes.

Pre-event communications

  1. Add a "Green Page" to your website detailing your green initiatives. Don't over commit: only include initiatives that you're certain you'll be implementing. Launch the site 6-9 months before the event and add to it as you go.
  2. Display the FitPlanet Pledge of Sustainability logo (and other third-party seals such as ReSport) on your home page and in your marketing materials. Clicking on the Pledge logo sends viewers to the FitPlanet Green Events Directory where they can see exactly what you pledged to implement. If you're an Active client then you're also listed in their site.
  3. Include a green tip or news about the greening of the race in your regular email correspondence with athletes.
  4. Issue a press release announcing that the event is 'going green' and include reference to the Pledge and any certification standards you are applying for. Contact us for a draft of a press release.
  5. Integrate green options in your registration page such as carbon offsets, such Green Tags from FitPlanet/NativeEnergy. Contact us for sample modules you can add.

At the event

  1. At the expo and/or next to the registration table, display a poster that lists all your environmental initiatives.
  2. Survey athletes at the expo or registration about how they got to the event and whether they took public transportation or carpooled.
  3. Provide the announcer with a script that highlights your green initiatives and ask them to repeat it throughout the day.
  4. Display signage to clearly identify your recycling/trash/compost stations - make sure it's placed at or above head height so you can see it through a crowd. (And staff the stations with volunteers.) FitPlanet can customize signage for you, click here for an example.
  5. Provide green team volunteers with special green t-shirts so they are clearly identifiable at the event.

After the event

  1. Email a post-event survey to athletes that includes questions about the environmental initiatives - ask for ideas for your next event.
  2. Send a post-event email to all participants that summarizes the results of your green initiative. See Chapter 5: Metrics, for ideas on specific data to report.