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Athletes are more in tune with the environment than the average consumer and they are passionate about the products and services they buy. Event Organizers truly care about the footprint their events create and are under pressure from municipalities, sponsors and participants to do the right thing when it comes to the environment. Both are receptive to supporting environmentally sustainable companies.

FitPlanet is perfectly positioned to help environmentally responsible companies communicate their commitment to the environment. Our flagship services are the Green Business Partner Program and the Sustainability Sponsorship Program. In addition, we create customized programs and campaigns that help you connect with and inspire your customers.

Green Business Partner Program

Here's how it works:

Sustainability Sponsorship Program

FitPlanet will work with you to align your brand with the greening of an event or a series of events. We coordinate with the event and your company to maximize your exposure before, during and after the event. Your company gets the credit for greening the race and FitPlanet provides the consulting services and onsite support.

For more information on the Green Business Partner Program, the Sustainability Sponsorship Program, and other creative marketing services contact Bruce Rayner, Chief Green Officer, at or at 508-429-0976.