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For Concert Organizers

FitPlanet is dedicated to helping you produce and promote environmentally responsible events. We have two ways we do this:

  1. The Artists Pledge of Sustainability
  2. Customized Environmental Services

Artists Pledge of Sustainability

The Pledge of Sustainability is a cost-effective option for you to commit to a set of environmental initiatives and receive formal and public recognition for your efforts.

Here's how it works...

Step 1. Take the Pledge of Sustainability

Pledge to implement a minimum of 6 eco-practices from the list of Pledge options. For just $100 for the first event you get...

  • The use of the Pledge of Sustainability logo for your website(s) and in your marketing materials to promote your event.
  • Listing of your event(s) in the FitPlanet Green Events Directory.
  • Access to our password-protected Resource Center that includes:
    • Green Business Directory - a listing of environmental product and service companies,
    • Eco-Handbook - a "how-to" manual for producing green events,
  • 5% discounts on all FitPlanet consulting services

Step 2. Verify your Pledge of Sustainability

Within four weeks after your event, send us documentation (photos, emails, descriptions, etc.) to prove you did what you pledged. FitPlanet will review the documentation and send you a confirmation email letting you know that we have verified your event. We'll update your listing on the FitPlanet Green Events Directory and provide you with a verified Pledge of Sustainability logo for use on your website, in press releases, and in marketing materials.

Step 3. Re-Pledge for next year's event

Three months before next year's event, we'll send you an email inviting you to renew your Pledge of Sustainability.

Step 4. Start the Journey

Contact Bruce Rayner, FitPlanet's Chief Green Officer, to learn more and to take the Pledge of Sustainability. 508-429-0976 or


Customized Environmental Services

FitPlanet provides cost-effective, customized environmental consulting to events of all sizes. We have a proven track record of helping implement green practices that not only enhance your event but help you save time and money.

We focus our consulting on four areas:

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

There's more to waste reduction that recycling. We will help you identify opportunities to reduce material use in pre- and post-event activities, at the start, finish and on the course. We advise on the reuse of materials, which can result in significant cost savings. And we work to ensure you maximize your recycling and composting efforts to minimize waste sent to landfill.

Reduce and Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Typically about 80% of an event's greenhouse gas emissions come from participant travel: athletes, volunteers, staff and spectators. This can range from 10-20 tons for small, local events, to thousands of tons for large 'destination' events. The other 20% comes from operations, including the expo, event vehicles, and event-day power usage.

FitPlanet can significantly reduce your event's travel footprint, and we can recommend alternatives to traditional onsite power sources. In addition, we have a proven track record of helping events 'offset' their carbon footprint to make them carbon neutral. We do this by calculating the total carbon footprint of the event and working with an offset provider to identify certified projects to receive funding.

Greening the Event Supply Chain

We work with events' sponsors and vendors to ensure they are adopting environmentally responsible practices at the event site and in their marketing and promotional efforts. We provide guidelines for event organizers to share with their sponsors and vendors to ensure pre- and post-event expos and festivals maintain a high environmental standard

Beyond Leave No Trace

We encourage event organizers to go beyond 'Leave No Trace' and strive to leave the event site in better condition than they found it. This can extend to post-event site beautification programs and donations for site enhancement. This is important for maintaining positive long-term relationships with the local community and instilling a sense of environmental stewardship among participants.

On the Ground Support

FitPlanet provides onsite support for the management of your recycling and composting efforts. This includes setup, overseeing the Green Team volunteers and breakdown after the event.

For more information on our services including our consulting fees, please contact FitPlanet's Chief Green Officer Bruce Rayner via email or 508-429-0976.

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