Simple Test driver to exercise the Fit Planet/Active 'Contact' receiver.

Instructions: Enter the username, and the first and last name of the Active contact, including their email address.

Click either the Test or Production buttons to send the request to either the test or production environment, respectively. This will cause a message to be sent to the Fit Planet webserver, which will capture the information in its user database

User Email:
First Name:
Last Name:


  • The email address is assumed to be well-formed ('@', etc.)
  • The (hidden) 'business' field must contact "Active" (case-sensitive)
  • Username can be the same as email address, but must be unique in our database
  • All fields are required

User names and email addresses must not previously exist in our database. If the username and/or email is already in our database, no error will be generated, but an email WILL be sent to the FitPlanet admin noting the error.